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I know..i know..this is actually a little bit of a late Spring…but hey! Who said we can’t have our favorite items still? *grinned*. I don’t do this very often, I have been very very picky since I went to fashion school. Nothing is just about the looks anymore. If an item ever caught my eye, I will be looking straight at the very bottom where they put the care label to see the material, then the price, then another look, then comes the question: ‘ Do I need it?’ or ‘Can I afford it now?’…

Yes yes it all sounded so complicated. But then again, I am all now about investing. But sometimes, there are some pieces, those when you see for the first time and you think: ‘IN LOVE!’ Does not mean that I will buy it straight away. Again comes the process. Fabrics, price, needed, budget, etc..etc. Anyways, here is some of my current favorite items for this kinnda late Spring…


I tried this dress today, out of interest. I love how it is naturally falls on your body and make you look very classy. It cost 79 euro and you can get it online here at COS Online Shop.


I also tried this one on today, out of curiosity, and I love love love how classy it looks. I have to say a little classy with a twist. Was not sure about the two zippers detail on the chest at first, but I love how soft the color is. It cost 99.95 euro and you can get it online here at Zara Online Shop.


I just love how colourful the necklace is. You can wear a simple sleek airy one tone dress and you are already making a statement! Get it here at Zara Online Shop for 39.95 euro.


This classic shoe attracts me at first from the color. I started to think that yellow is a new black. You can actually combine it with any kind of color and it will pop up your look instantly. If you don’t mind suede, and love soft yellow by any chance, you can get the shoe for 70 euro here at Coast London Online Shop.


I am a sucker for silk scarves. Well not only silk actually, any kind, but mostly silk. Patterned ones with lots of colours too. Like this Julia here from Lauren Ralph Lauren. The combination of green and navy is just very difficult to beat. They are available in other different colours as well. You can get it here at Zalando and it cost 89.95 euro. 

So there you are, my current favourite. No no they are not inside my closet now. I am still thinking about which one I will finally need. Most likely the dress tho’, since I have a relative’s wedding coming up this June, and there is this jacket that I thought would be great to combine with the dress, but lets see! Do you have favourite items for Spring? 

Happy shopping and stay loved! 

Your Eve 

With love and gratitude

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kinda – late spring faves