Sometime in France

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I actually love to travel. I love seeing new places. Meeting new people. Taste different kind of food. Know a little culture here and there. Seeing old buildings. For years the travel itch have to stay because of other things in life such work..dang! How creative! Hahahaha! But then I am lucky enough to meet my man who share the same itch! Since we met almost five years ago we have been traveling to many places. Not enough, yet. But quite plenty. Doing road-trips. Boat-trips. From one island to another. One city to another. Which reminds me that I actually wanted to do something with our traveling photos.

I think his itch also came from his parents, who always travel somewhere for weeks every year. Always took the time to have a proper holiday. Visit places they have never been. And would proudly share all the nice pictures to us children. They recently came back from Bhutan, after two years in a row went hiking in Himalaya.

Anyways, in the next weeks I will be going back to my home country Indonesia. Already have in mind where to go. And hopefully can share some amazing pictures and journey here with you guys. In the meantime, here is a small little memory when I went to visit France this year!

Stay loved!



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Sometime in France