Back from the dead

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I have been a very bad girl. I am so sorry I have left without even saying anything. Duh, like anyone would have missed me LOL. But for one or two of you who had, actually, please accept my apology.

I went back to my home country Indonesia for spending Christmas and New Year with my family. Part of those two months journey was to travel too. This time, I went to the Spice Island Maluku, which some part of it turned out to be lovely, although I must say that the journey could have been better prepared.

Now I am already back to Germany for three weeks. Spent one and a half being jet legged, and another one and a half trying to feel back at home. Have been working a couple of times too already.

I would really love  to share a little bit of the travelling journey back home with you guys. Soon.

In the meantime, stay loved.



Ps. This photo was our home stay in Maluku. As you can see, the home stay located directly on water overlooking an active volcano. Yep. You read that right.


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Back from the dead