London Calling! ( sort of….)

 the wonderful world of Boden. Photo credits:  Boden official Instagram . Some photos were taken by famous bloggers. 
the wonderful world of Boden. Photo credits:  Boden official Instagram . Some photos were taken by famous bloggers. 

First and foremost, this is NOT a sponsor post. Well I wish, since I really love the brand, but nah…this post is purely my overloaded excitements since Boden is now having so many cute pieces that are on Sale for up to 70% off, which of course, needed to be shared! 

Being a person who loves great fabrics, pretty colors and rich patterns, I have a thing for British brands. Mostly they have everything that I love in a product. They are cute and..well..when combine right, can be stylish too at the same time. Funny theory that I have just developed with a colleague from work today was involving British fashion brands and how they play with bright colors and rich patterns to kind of brighten up their mostly gloomy weather..*grinned*. 

I have known Boden for quite sometime now. I have purchased from them. I ended up keeping all my purchases because they look even better in real life than in pictures!. The fabric felt luxurious, the finishing are neat and clean, colors and patterns, well, I don’t think I need to explain. It is a bit tricky because they have the tendency of either making you too lady or too preppy, which I am not. But as I said when you combine them with right pieces, they can really pop up your own personal style. 

It is not a secret that Boden considered to be a middle-range fashion brand,when it comes to selling price. So, I normally check their website regularly to make use of any special offers. Like right now. You can find wide range of clothing and accessories for woman, man, kids, even some little home decor with amazing price tag! 

I am sharing some of my most favourite pieces, which will cost you less than €50! (Great, right?). All images and links taken from Boden German Official Website. For UK website you can go here.


Let’s start with this Jacket. My God.. I know. The first time I saw it, it honestly did not catch my attention. Until I saw it the second time. You might not be able to wear it instantly in this super cold super crazy snow days (like what we have in Munich for the past days), but perhaps this will warm you up on early Spring day for a weekend trip somewhere, when the weather is a little bit better but still windy and rainy, or even in the beginning of Fall. After all, this Jacket is filled with duck downs and feathers. With this price, for this quality, you can even keep your boring black Jacket (oops) and get this more fun one without your wallet complaining too much about it! 


Well if you are not really into Jacket, this Blazer can be an option. I love how rich the material and the color looks like on this blazer. It really gives a soft touch with a flare of vintage. And with blazer you can’t really go wrong. You can combine it with almost everything. Skirt, dress, pants, jeans, and it will still give you a chic luxurious look. Perhaps one of the disadvantage of this blazer is the dry cleaning. But hey, if you want to have your items last longer you will need to take a good care of it. After all, this color will definitely look cuter on winter months than just a black one. 


One thing I love about fashion is: you can make something simple look rather special. Like this plain Top here. With it’s simple color, simple cuts, a little bit of a structured T-Shirt shape and enough embellishments, is your party go to Top. I would just combine this top with skinny jeans, reasonably high pumps and a little clutch for party outfits, or with flats and small structured bag for coffee with friends of weekend sightseeing. For you who works in a more easy going branches, I can imagine this top with skinny jeans and one color Blazer will definitely look office appropriate. They suggested dry cleaning again, for the embellishment reason of course. But I would also just soak it with a mild detergent, pressed it a bit by hand then hang it to dry. 


Pretty retro pattern. Beautiful color combination. Viscose. Well in my part I really have nothing to add more… *grinned*. But just for more consideration why I like this dress: You don’t need much to look outstanding. The pattern speaks for you. You also can wear it to many different occasions depend on with what you combine it with. With this many color combination, you have more choices of color for your accessories! I mean you can wear blue pumps, or off -white flats, or black open toe, up to you. Need one more? Okay I will give you one. With the right size, this dress follows your figure. I sometimes go extra mile and combine this kind of dress with a flare dark skirt, wear it as a top. You don’t have to go that far, but I mean, it is actually really fun! 


With the mix between cotton and viskose plus cashmere, this simple pullover gives a retro feeling must -have. Plain one tone pullover can never go wrong. And you can really use them in winter months like right now. 

Those are some of the items I found really worth buying, consider the price and the item it self. Well depends on what you need, I think it will not hurt that much to adopt one item that you will definitely wear for quite a long time. There are plenty more of choices you can find on the website, which of course vary to suit your own budget. Don’t forget to check out their accessories section too, as I saw some good quality gloves with cheaper price that you can also use for winter months if you need to replace your old ones. Happy shopping and stay loved! 


Your Eve

Cover photo by Toa Heftiba


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London Calling! ( sort of….)