So last Wednesday was the time to do the weekly shopping. Weather is gloomy. Seriously. Germany and its weather. However I think I might have be thankful this year. Last year this time was even weirder. Anyways, I decided to walk. It is not too far, the shopping place. I guess it is also one of the perks of living in the centre of the city. 

I love walking through the neighbourhood close to our place. Few small parks, few big and small apartments. Condos. Very nice Pizza place. Another supermarket. Kindergarten. Little small shops selling printing stuffs. Small boutiques. Wine store. Old records shop. Cafes. Shoe shops. And one in particular..second hand shop. I don’t know why exactly I did not go there before. I remember I went there once. Then I was out. Nothing impressed me, I guess. But how i love second hand shops. They, like antique store, always seemed to wave to me across the road. 

This time I decided to just peek again. Look what they have. I was almost out when I saw they have scarf section. I am a scarf addict. This is, really one of the cheap way of boosting your looks. Plain dress, scarf. Boring outfits color, scarf. You can do anything with them. Twist them around your neck, your head, even your bags (this i really love to do). Then my eyes stuck on this one particular scarf. The mix between dark green and white and red and the horses..what the hell is that? It seemed a bit old school, but there is really something about it! I looked at the price, automatically have big big grinned on my face then grabbed it right that second and went straight to the cashier. 

I guess, this is one is going to stay on my wardrobe for quite a long time. 

Stay loved, 


Ps. Oh. That cost me 2.90 Euro. See this? BIG BIG GRINNED. 


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