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Hey loves! 

Whoah it has been more than a week since my last post and I have been itching to get in touch with you again! I had a cold since yesterday and it is unpleasant! I drink like a camel and have to pee like a pregnant elephant! 


Lately I was so caught up with family upcoming trip to Indonesia, make dozen phone calls and E-Mails. More planning, flights bookings and trying to organise bit by bit. There are plenty of things going on, one of them is my ongoing happiness project, which is going pretty much slow but sure, I guess. I manage to cross several things on my list for this month, which made me feel so accomplished! *grinned*. One of the thing on the list that I manage to crossed out is making a new inspiration board. 

 My old inspiration board
My old inspiration board

Like many other people in creative industry who need to be visually satisfied and continuously inspired, I need an inspiration board. I have been doing this since ages, most of the time just in a very simple form of a normal cork board you may found in any store. But people changed…ha!. And since my home office is actually one of my most favourite place in the house, I have decided to try a different mood board. I am fond of simple DIY and I love to keep it cheap and easy to make, so that’s what I did with my old mood board. All I need is a square styrofoam ( I even got this one for free from one of those furnitures that we bought when T and I first renovate the apartment), glue or a normal thin transparent tape, and a gift paper. Done. I have keep this one for over a year I got bored. After seeing so many beautiful DIY Inspiration Board Ideas from Pinterest ( God bless their creators), I was in love with the one in Alaina’s home office, the co-founder of The Everygirl, which she posted on her blog Live Creating YourselfIt is a simple cork board covered with a fabric and decorate with nailhead pins. I was soo tempting to make the same one from the prettiest fabric I can find, but I was a little turn off by all the gluing and more over the inserting nailhead part, as for her it was easy, but I read another blogger who’d done the same and for her it was a pain in the ass, she had asked her husband to do it for her. Asking T to do it for me, errrr….not so much in the picture. He would help, of course, but I know he prefers cooking. So after give it a thoughts back and forth, I decided to stick with my old good styrofoam, and just pimp it a little bit. So..voila! Here it is. 

 My new inspiration board 
My new inspiration board 

It made from the same material. I got the gift paper from Depota shop here in Munich that sells all things you need for your house. I love the color combination and the pattern. First, I thought of making it just like the old ones, but then when I looked for my scissors, I found a small pack of white nailhead lying around ( I don’t know it must be one of T’s things), so I just used them to add a little twist for the plain mood board. I try to keep it neat by just pinned a little something, like postcards and stuffs. Olivia Palermo stays, of course. I try not to make it too full so I can enjoy the background pattern more. I love how it turned out, and I love that I don’t need to spend much money on it, that I did it in a flash (well…more or less 10 Mins), and I love the fact that if I am bored with the pattern, I can always change it and use to paper to wrap a gift. Doing it while having a fever also was something. The accomplished feelings did make me feel a bit better! 

Have you had any simple DIY Projects at home? Feel free to share with me! In the meantime, stay loved! 

Your Eve 



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