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 Anabelle Fleur, the girl behind the blog VIVALUXURY
Anabelle Fleur, the girl behind the blog VIVALUXURY

When I started thinking about having some long time ago, I wanted it to be a blog where I can ‘talk’ about what I love, what I enjoy, what inspires me. One of them is fashion. Since I ran my fashion boutique some years ago, I have been familiar with fashion magazines. Fashion school made me dig into lots of histories, designers, bloggers, editors, IT Girls, you name it. Some I love, some..err not so much. Some inspires me, some..make me shake my head. One of them that I love and inspires me, is this fashion blog called VIVALUXURY, runs by this really gifted, talented, beautiful Annabelle Fleur. Here are some looks from Anabelle that inspire me : 

What stroke me the first time about Anabelle is that...holy shit this girl is beautiful. I have seen many beautiful girls. But this girl, this Latvian doll, with her sparkling eyes and flawless skin, perfect smiles and legs that remind me on Giselle Bundchen, posing several outfits on Pose a few years back, really got me thinking..’ I think this girl is going to be big….’ 

I love her choices of bold colors, daring style. It is no secret that she loves bright colors. She really mix and match shapes, volumes, colors, pattern and everything that you can possibly mix in a brave way that sometime not only I thought it would hurt my eyes (it never did), but also inspires me not to always stays ‘safe’. I started to experiment with few different shapes ( always thought a midi flare skirt wont work on me especially when I gained weight, nope, it worked), few different colors, not really bounded by my ‘unspoken rules’ of maximum three colors in one outfit, etc. 

With her tendency to pull out a lady like style, she once said that it was mostly came from her life experiences, born in Latvia. Her care-free, easy going style was adapted when she moved to California. I found out that she also loves to mix designer pieces with moderate pieces, also from emerged aspiring designer that I barely heard about. Back on her early days at Pose when I found her, she barely had expenses high-end brand around, but her skills to pull out cute things always manage to surprised me. As a big believer in careful spending, this skill of her is a winning point why I found her inspiring. 

There are so many bloggers out there that inspire me, that being said. And I always try to find the one who stands out for her own personal style, her style choices. Somebody who we never met yet, but able to inspire from afar. Somebody who can have a little impact on our life, from just a little point of being her self. Surely there are many Anabelle out there, those I am eager to discover. One of the one that I found recently is Erinadores. She started just new, so I will wait patiently and cheerfully for her evolving style.

When you also find Anabelle inspiring, you can follow her blog VIVALUXURY here, where you can also find links to her other social media account like Twitter and Instagram. 

Stay inspired! 

Your Eve


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blogger adore- vivaluxury