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Halo again! 

There has been so many things happened in the past two weeks, but I will not drag you into that for now. There will be more stories about that later, which needs to be processed in my head first for a little bit more time. Anyways, this is just a quick post to let you know that I am still here,alive, and has been drinking a lot of this smoothie lately! *grinned 

I once have tried raw Kale before it was so popular, and I must say I was not really disappointed. But then again I normally prefer fresh fruit juices, so for quite sometime this green was left behind. After moving to this great land of Pretzel, I chew more of the fresh fruit because I did not have a blender, until last month when I decided that for our anniversary, my husband and I deserve some good kitchen supplies. One among them, was the blender. I will not give you the link of the blender here, God there are so many out there, just get one that fit your budget and your preferences. 

My husband and his family were quite ‘surprised’ when I told them about this smoothie. Bare in mind that surprised is actually a little bit of a nicer expression that I use to describe their reaction puahahahahh! Perhaps some of you have the same doubts when you first hear and see this thing. But trust me, this is actually really really delicious. I have been drinking it as a super power breakfast or meal between lunch and dinner. If I knew that I am going to dine out and have big dinner, I just drink this for lunch, of course by having proper breakfast beforehand. This smoothie is so nutritious, for me personally it gives you enough energy and making you quite full when you have afternoon snack time. It is a healthier substitute than sweets other salty snacks, taste happier than just nuts or one apple. 

I am starting to drink this smoothie not because I am on a special mission or something. I have heard how people drink on Kale smoothie or Juice because they want to loose weight, or they are trying to get a better skin, or for whatever reason you can see it yourself probably when you google Kale and its benefit. For me it was all started with a simple eagerness. This year I do not want to be lazy. I want to be kinder to my body by not stuffing too much other stuffs when there are a better, healthier choice out there. Sometime between breaks at work I went to buy a muffin since I was quite hungry and was too lazy or have no desire whatsoever to snack on nuts and sit there like a proper English lady with perfect poise while I am starving inside and all I was thinking about was I am hungry. Feed me. So there was it. Although after drinking this smoothie (ingredients vary from time to time), I can feel that my digestion is way better than normal lately and it is not that hard to loose a little kilo. About the skin, well, I will probably have to get back to you on that in a couple of months. Another good thing about it, you really can experiment and put anything into it as you like it. There are thousand of recipes on the internet, or you can just tried my version as well.  


  • one cup of fresh Kale, or one muffin tin size frozen Kale
  • one Pear
  • one Banana
  • half Avocado
  • handful of frozen Blueberries 
  • two teaspoon of plain Quark
  • one teaspoon of Honey 
  • one Kiwi (if available)
  • one glass (or more depends on taste) of Orange or Pineapple 100% Juice extract
  • few Mint leaves 
  • one powerful Blender 
  • little pinch of Lemon juice

Happy trying and stay loved, 

Your Eve

Cover photo by José González



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