There are many reasons why people started a blog. For me personally, I love how versatile a blog can be. Man I have been blogging since early 2004. I think. Tried out different platform. Changing different topics. Was mostly personal experiences. Short stories. Then I got fed up with it. I was no longer inspired, nor I felt I inspire other people. So I closed the account, opened another one. Same old story. Until now. 

One of the reason I blog again is, to naturally sharing my interests. Some people said their blog is their playground. I think, I feel the same. This is a place where I record my existence. My own history. Until some uncertain time, that is. I have shared some recipes, some personal snapshots, some singing recording, a mini travel diary, everything that I am passionate about. One thing that was missing was me sharing some choices of my personal style. This has been planned too since I launch the blog, and somehow I have been really good in intentionally avoiding it. What if…

But those what if has become too often heard, so last Sunday, when the weather was all friendly, I decided to came out of the box. Perhaps, you will see me more from now on.

Stay loved, 


Your Eve 


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