The Rad Nail Polish

I actually never thought that I will be writing about nail polish one day. I was not, am not, so much of a girl who pays that much attention to cosmetics, except just some basic stuffs. Sure, I used nail polish in the past. Sometimes. Different colours too. I just did not care that much where I got it from, as long as it was cheap. I also did not care that much if I was not having any. So it came to me as a surprise when I realised, that nowadays, as I get older, nail polish is actually something essential to me. Like cashmere pullover, on a different level. So when I have the idea about posting what are essential for me based on my personal experiences, somehow nail polish came to mind! This essential series is not meant to be a long post, so let me get right to it. 

They are different kind of girl out there. I know a friend who spend her income on beauty products. Sure, she looks flawless head to toe, always. There are also a kind of girl like me. Who prefer books, for example, but still want to look and feel nice every now and then, without spending too much time, and preferably not much money either. I normally left my nail unpolished. I do not have the patience, you see. I do my own manicure and pedicure, I bought a book about it (go figure LOL) and I polish my own nails. 

I have tried different drug store brands, tried some other brands from shops sometimes I did not even remember the name of. Sure they come in cute colours and cheap. However my experiences with them so far has not been totally pleasant. I tend to wipe them off after just two days. Not to mention that the polishing can be pain in the ass because the applicator just did not want to work with you. So I thought, enough. I need to try something different. 

I don’t want to spend too much time, which means I need a damn good nail polish and even better applicator. I don’t have the patience for something that won’t work, and I also learn from my personal experience that I tend to stick to just two colours. Red and Nude.  With all those in mind, I choose to splurge on my next nail polish. 

So after planning my budget carefully from December, I decided to buy this charming Dior. Does not come cheap. It cost around 20 euros, that if you know where to get it cheaper. In Germany, I would suggest you try Müller. Or, you could try some marketplaces that sells second-hands like e-Bay. I actually was torn to choose between Dior or Chanel, stick with Dior instead after reading some reviews about how great the applicator is. And I have to tell you that I am very much satisfied with it. The color looks gorgeous with the smooth and shiny gel-effect on your hand. But moreover, the design of the brush made polishing a seriously fun – tidy experience, even for non-professional like me. 

So if you are like me, a simple girl who just wants to have pretty hands once in a while, and do have the budget for it, I suggest you splurge a little, because in this case it is true. Quality do comes with price. 

Stay loved, 

Your Eve 



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