A Red Lipstick

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 Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick - Rouge Pour Couture Le Mats
Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick – Rouge Pour Couture Le Mats

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”

― Elizabeth Taylor


Do you believe the power of a red lipstick? 

I did not, until I found YSL Le Mats. For those of you who doesn’t know me of follow this blog : I am not an avid make up person. I did once, actually. I was modelling and we need to be able to do our own make up. So I did learn how to do my own make up. And there were times when I went out everyday with perfect make up on. I used to have a make up bag, believe it or not. 

Years passed, I grew older and I grew to realise that actually less is more. I then limited my make up essential only to consist of few items that I KNOW I most likely use. Among basic skincare such as serum, day and night cream plus occasionally mask, I keep a powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara and lipstick. That’s all. 

Since I moved to Germany, I started using natural cosmetic and it had helped my skin a lot. For daily use, I kept a nude – natural cosmetic – lipsticks. They are soft and great, just don’t last that long. I have been avoiding red lipstick in the past just because I did not feel it suit me much. I tried some colours from different brands, and did not find any that I really like, until a couple of months ago when I tried on one of this Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pour Couture Le Mats and since then I am in love. 

It is not because of the brand. I am not advertising any brand. I have tried Chanel, Dior, and many of their kind, you name it. I even tried some of YSL too. Different kind. Occasionally. But either those were not really my colour, or I did not like the texture. And with Le Mats, I found both. Texture feels great, colour looks perfect on my skin. They last long, even without primer. 

There are two kinds of YSL Rouge Pour Couture. There is the ‘normal’ ones, and there is Le Mats. For me, since I am not really fond of shiny effect, Le Mats ( I am having 202 and 203 now) has been really a good choice. I found a Youtube Video comparing the two from a beauty blogger called Emily Fox

In the video Emily pointed out if indeed it’s worth the money. With retailing price from 21 euros, it does not come cheap. So I agreed with her when she said that it is all really depend on you. I bought them for reasons I stated above. In my first post on the The Essential Series, I said the reasons why I bought the Dior Nail Polish. It was because of the amazing brush and the gel finish, so it was really a practical matter. This time however, it was more of a guts thing. When i first tried Le Mats, I really love the texture and how they compliment my skin tone. It made me feel pretty right that instant. It was kind of a mood booster, at some point. That they actually last long, I discover way later. Exactly like Dior Nail Polish, this is a small little luxury that you I personally can afford. And luxury means I don’t have bunch of them. Enough with one or two. 

And as a girl, we do deserve to feel pretty once in while on our own way right? 

Stay loved, 





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