Celebrate You

We celebrate many things in our life. Success, achievements.
But how often do we celebrate failures, rejections, vulnerabilities, struggles?
How often do we celebrate… us?

We, after all, have experienced all. We are all. Success and failures. Achievements and struggles. Rejections. Vulnerable.
We are who we are. Yes, some are more fortunate than others. But we are special in our own way. We all experience ups and dows. We are all equal in emotions. We are all equal in taking lessons from bad mistakes, wrong decisions, misleading paths in life. We have the same chance, as long as we are alive, to come back and become better us.

So if you are stuck in your bad habits, if you are lonely, if you are not satisfied with your life, if you are paying for bad mistakes, if you are unhappy about yourself, your face, your hair, your weight, your looks – let’s start to change all that by celebrating you. Your imperfections, your failures, your vulnerability, and your struggles the same way you would celebrate your success, achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, happiness.
I believe we can reprogram ourselves. Our brain, our habits, our life. We just need to be more deliberate about it.

Ps. I celebrated the real me the other day in this photo. I have always been feeling that I need to polish my face for my shoots. Even though very minimal like I normally do, I got to. Otherwise, the shoots won’t look good. I got this habit from my old modeling days. But this time, in this photo, I reward myself by accepting insecurities. It felt good.


Outfits from COS. Photography works of Tom Rudolf.


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Celebrate You