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four weeks productivity mentoring program


I helped co-founded my family company when I was 24, then went on to own two small fashion businesses. I also have worked as an executive assistant for three Managing Directors in three different companies from Australia and Germany. ⁠
Long story short: Productivity is my jam on a personal and business level. ⁠

So if you are thinking about launching your own side gig, or knows somebody who is overwhelmed right now doing so alone and need help to counterbalance their world and need a productivity fairy, stay tuned. ⁠

I am launching a mentoring program for exactly these loved ones of yours, or you. ⁠
I am going to help counterbalance your business and the rest of your world, one mindfully idea at a time. ⁠

In the meantime, follow @fancy.minimalist on Instagram for more info and any tips regarding productivity, money, personal style all wrapped up in minimalist approaches that work. ⁠

Love always, 


Instagram did not return a 200.